We'll Be Your Navigator

Guiding you so your PIC remains compliant with regulatory, corporate and tax requirements.ᅠ

The PIC is your company. It is under your direction and control. We provide you guidance and help build a PIC structure that best fits your long-term plans.ᅠ


  • PIC formation applicationᅠ
  • Business plan changes
  • Reporting requirementsᅠ
    • Annual reportsᅠ
    • Annual auditsᅠ
    • Annual actuarial reviewsᅠ
    • Annual feesᅠ


  • Incorporationᅠ
    • Drafting Articles and Bylawsᅠ
    • Filing paperwork with corporate regulatorsᅠ
  • Corporate record book maintenanceᅠ
    • Amendments to Articles and Bylawsᅠ
    • Meeting Minutesᅠ
    • StockᅠRegister and Certificatesᅠ
  • Reporting requirementsᅠ
    • Annual reportsᅠ
    • Annual feesᅠ


  • Tax ID number obtainedᅠ
  • Tax reporting and payments made timely