Who Should Consider A Traditional PIC?

  • Privately held family owned businessᅠ
  • Publicly held businessᅠ
  • Businesses which are consistently profitableᅠ
  • Businesses with revenues over $5 million per year
  • Businesses in an insurance inadequate field

Underwriting advantages

  • Reduced reliance on commercial insuranceᅠ
  • Ability to customize insurance programsᅠ
  • Provide coverage for risks that are too costly or unavailable in the marketplaceᅠ
  • Access to reinsurance marketsᅠ
  • Formal allocation of deductibles for self-insurance retention

Enterprise risk management advantages

  • Increased control over claims handlingᅠ
  • Stabilization of pricingᅠ
  • Reduced cost of riskᅠ
  • Improved cash flow benefitsᅠ
  • Creation of a profit centerᅠ
  • Ability to direct investment options